10 Oct 2014

Konsert Hayat 45 Tahun Ramli Sarip

Ramli Sarip Bikin Konsert Lagi
Rabu, 13 Ogos 2014 10:56 AM

Ramli Sarip bakal mengadakan konsert Hayat...45 Tahun Seniman Ramli Sarip, bersempena dengan 45 tahun penglibatannya di dalam industri muzik tempatan. Foto ONG SOON HIN

KUALA LUMPUR: Penyanyi Datuk Ramli Sarip bakal mengadakan konsert Hayat...45 Tahun Seniman Ramli Sarip yang akan berlangsung pada 17 hingga 19 Oktober ini di Istana Budaya, di sini.

Ramli, 63, berkata, kejayaan konsert jelajah Blues Buat Teman yang berakhir pada Mei lalu membuatkan dia ingin mengadakan konsert berskala lebih besar bersempena dengan 45 tahun dirinya berkecimpung di dalam dunia seni muzik.

"Konsert ini akan membawa penonton menghayati pengembaraan seni yang saya lalui sepanjang 45 tahun.

"Terlalu banyak perkara yang mahu saya kongsikan kepada peminat-peminat menerusi konsert ini nanti," katanya.

Ramli ditemui pada majlis pelancaran konsert Hayat...45 Tahun Seniman Ramli Sarip di Hotel Royale Chulan, di sini pada petang Selasa.

Tambah penyanyi yang popular dengan lagu Kamelia itu, konsert itu akan dibahagikan kepada dua segmen iaitu Blues Rock, akustik, kerohanian dan muzik berkumpulan.

Ramli turut menjemput beberapa artis popular memeriahkan lagi konsert 'Hayat...45 Tahun Seniman Ramli Sarip'

"InsyaAllah, persembahan yang dibawakan pastinya berbeza dengan konsert-konsert sebelum ini.

"Memandangkan terlalu banyak koleksi lagu yang ada, saya bersama pemuzik-pemuzik akan meneliti sebaik-baiknya agar memilih lagu yang terbaik buat penonton.

"Malah para peminat juga boleh memberi cadangan lagu kegemaran mereka menerusi akaun Facebook saya," ujarnya.

Dalam pada itu, Ramli turut mengundang vokalis kumpulan God Bless, Achmad Albar, Aris Ariwatan dan Dayang Nurfaizah selain anggota kumpulan Sweet Charity iaitu Rahman Sarbani, Rosli Mohalim dan Ahmad Jaffar Jawahir.

Sementara itu, konsert tersebut turut akan diadakan di Esplanade, Singapura pada 21 Oktober 2014.

Tiket konsert di IB pada harga RM83 hingga RM443 boleh ditempab menerusi laman web www.iLassotickets.com atau talian 03-79576088. Manakala di Singapura pula dijual pada harga $40 hingga $80 menerusi laman web www.sistic.com.

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Ramli Sarip’s musical journey
10 October 2014

The rocker will mark his illustrious career with a one-of-a-kind concert, writes

AAN illustrious career, diligently crafted with passion and perseverance over the span of decades, is certainly something to be proud of. For some, naturally it is something hard to give up or let go of.

Singaporean rock legend Datuk Ramli Sarip has built his musical career over 45 years but he is far from ready to give it all up just yet. “When a person reaches a certain age, it is common to be asked questions on retirement,” Ramli says at a Press conference recently.

The 62-year-old admits that he finds himself at a loss when confronted with the question.

“Each of us has our own purpose in life and role in this world. I feel that I’ve yet to completely fulfil mine. An artiste should always evolve, and there are still so many things I’ve yet to do. I might also want to do some community work, for example.

“Life keeps on moving, unless you choose to end it,” he says, with a knowing smile.

Ramli began his career in 1969 as the frontman of Singaporean rock band Sweet Charity. Eventually going solo, he made a mark in the local entertainment industry with his husky powerful vocals and deep passion for music. It was through his songs, which are filled with strong messages of hope, peace and humanity, that he managed to capture audiences be they young or old.

Some of his iconic tunes include Bukan Kerana Nama, Teratai, Kamelia and Doa Buat Kekasih (featuring Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim).


Ever thankful of having been able to go this far in the local music scene, Ramli is honouring his 45-year career with a one-of-a-kind concert that elevates its artistic element to another level.

Called Konsert Hayat ...45 Tahun, the show will take place from Oct 17-19 at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur and on Oct 21 at Singapore’s Esplanade.

Die-hard fans should not miss the chance to be part of this as he promises audiences on a musical journey throughout the best and bittersweet moments in his career.

Kicking things up a notch is the involvement of Indonesian rock veteran Achmad Albar, whom Ramli has always looked up to even before he became a recording artiste. “He’s actually older than me by a few years, but with his rock-and-roll soul, he inspired me to be where I am today,” says Ramli.

“I genuinely appreciate my fans’ support and prayers. I feel that I must share all the great things that have taken place in my life. Therefore, with this concert, I want to share the stage with Achmad. He’s a great and brilliant individual.”

Achmad, 68, is the vocalist of the band God Bless, which has achieved success in Indonesia with its albums including Cermin, Semut Hitam, Raksasa and Apa Kabar?


“I want to express my gratitude to the artistes who have brought my songs to Malaysia and popularised them in their own way,” says Achmad.

“By doing that, they have, in turn, popularised my name and Ian Antono’s (Achmad’s co-composer), so thank you.”

Ramli adds with a grin, “I think he wants to come do the show because we love his songs so much. It will be a great gift to his fans.”

Achmad says that he is looking forward to perform in Malaysia and Singapore.

Ramli also maintains close relationships with fellow Indonesians and former God Bless members Ian and Abadi Soesman, who will be joining Ramli and Achmad at the concert in Singapore.

“I know them personally. We’ve played music together for fun but we’ve never worked professionally before,” Ramli says.

“Hopefully, the friendly ties between our countries will continue,” Achmad says.

Ramli smiles. “I’ve idolised them, but I never thought I’d develop such a close relationship with them. This will undoubtedly be a sweet memory for me.”


Ramli and Achmad hope that everything will go according to plan at the concert.

Ramli says he will perform his greatest hits while Achmad will also perform his classics.

“I feel happy and honoured to be part of this concert,” says Achmad, adding that he sees it as an opportunity to be able to work with artistes from other countries.

“Hopefully this concert will leave an impact on Malaysians, including the younger generation, who aren’t familiar with songs from Ramli and me.”

When asked if there are any plans for him and Ramli to perform in a duet, he says: “Maybe. I can’t make promises, because we don’t have much time to rehearse for the show.”

Ramli says: “Actually, we have discussed about doing a project together, not for the concert but for something else in the near future. Hopefully it will materialise.”


Ramli recalls covering Achmad’s song Pelacur Tua with his band Sweet Charity in 1978 in Kuala Lumpur. He expresses his admiration on Achmad’s boldness in writing a tune with a controversial theme, which was uncommon at the time. Ramli is also very fond of Gadis Melayu, another song by Achmad which was remade by Othman Hamzah.

Sweet Charity also did a cover of Achmad’s song Zakiah, which was originally a dangdut number with a rock flavour. “Sweet Charity presented the track with its own identity and, thankfully, it was received well,” Ramli says, adding that local rock band Jinbara also made a cover of the song.

His policy in doing cover versions is to honour their original singers. “Whatever you borrow, you must return. The same goes with these songs. You must tell your listeners where the songs come from. They need to be credited. But at the same time, it is vital to ‘lift’ the songs’ standards with your own creativity. You must also run away from how the original sounds like.”

Furthermore, to cover a song, the artiste must ensure that he or she has the ability to do a commendable job, Ramli says.

“If you don’t have the right skills, and if you don’t do it right, you will only ruin the song. That is why one needs to respect the original to begin with.”

Ramli expresses his willingness to cover timeless Malay songs, including those by the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee. “If I think I can carry the songs my own way, why not? But I will have to think carefully before agreeing. But once I do agree, I won’t ruin them.”

He adds that it is important to carry on P. Ramlee’s legacy. “Maybe we can hold an acoustic concert every two years to honour him.”

In 1998, a US-based music producer offered Ramli a deal to record P. Ramlee’s classics, which would be rearranged by a US producer.

“I admit that I wasn’t too keen on the idea at the time, since I was busy completing other works on my own.

“I hope I get another chance to pay tribute to P. Ramlee with my own rendition of his songs. “I feel that there are some of his songs that I can perform with my own style, but at the same time retain P. Ramlee’s identity.”

The songs would be more acoustic with hints of blues. “If we do it right, the songs can just be as spectacular as the original.”


Ramli is also having the Angkatan Pelukis Se-Malaysia (APS), an organisation comprising local artists, at the concert.

About 35 members of the organisation will display their Ramli Sarip-inspired art in an exhibition called Gerak. Rasa. Tenaga.

Taking place at the same time as the concert, the exhibition will be held at Lambang Sari of Istana Budaya from noon to 9pm. After that, it will call its home at Balai Seni Visual Negara.

“We’ve received so many applications by artists who are Ramli’s ardent fans, and we’ve had a difficult task selecting the best to be featured in the exhibition,” says APS president Hassan Ghazali.

“For the first time, we get to merge different kinds of art — visual and musical. The appreciation of the arts is similar, but the interpretation is in a different form,” Ramli says.

Also in the pipeline is to have artists produce impromptu paintings as the concert is going on, in Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya.

“It does sound challenging but I know these artists have the ability to pull it off,” says Ramli.

Five artists will be taking part every night during the show and their paintings will be sold, with part of the proceeds profits directed to the Palestine Fund.

“Artists are introverts by nature, but when we heard about Ramli’s offer to be part of his concert, we were ecstatic. We felt like flying,” says Hassan.

“I’m excited to see how the artists will interpret my music and turn it into paintings. I’d like to see the elements that they will capture,” Ramli says with a smile.


Concert organiser Rasamusic calls on Ramli’s die-hard fans to attend the concert together on Oct 18.

This special package, priced at RM200 each, includes a ticket, a special T-shirt, a programme book and a pass for a teh tarik session with Ramli prior to the concert.

Only 218 seats are available for this. Those interested can all 013-263 3938.

Meanwhile, Sweet Charity members Rahman Sarbani, Rosli Mohalim and Ahmad Jaffar Jawahir, and local crooners Aris Ariwatan and Dayang Nurfaezah will also be part of the concert as guest performers.

Some of the musicians for the concert include Man Kidal and Rizal Halim (on guitar), Tom Anuar (drums), Belle Fatah (keyboard) and Jari (saxophone).

For more information on the concert, call 03-7773 0677 or 013-263 3938.

Konsert Hayat

When: Oct 17-19

Where: Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur

Tickets: RM83-RM443 (visit www.ilassotickets.com or call 03-79576088)

When: Oct 21

Where: Esplanade, Singapore

Tickets: S$40-S$80 (visit www.sistic.com or call +656348555)



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