23 Sep 2015

Kiswah Kaabah

foto mission dawah

During Arafat day, changing Kaaba Kiswah ceremony would be held, where the old Kiswah will be replaced with a new one. Changing Kaaba Kiswah ceremony takes place with the participation of about eighty six people from workers and technicians. While pilgrims are performing the great ritual of pilgrimage, Kaaba puts on its new Kiswah. The Kaaba robe is a Kiswah that Saudi Arabia handled its production for decades through a special factory that contains more than two hundred forty producers and administrators. Its sewing takes eight months, and passes through several stages, most prominent of which is the coloring of the silk, its spinning and weaving, and the embroidery and aggregation stage. One robe consumes around seven hundred kilograms of natural silk that is colored in black, and about one hundred twenty kilograms of gold and silver wires.

foto saudi gazette

Kaaba Kiswa 2015


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