29 Jul 2013

Jangan Katakan Tidak ....

Jangan katakan tidak....
Masih ada yang berani dan tabah menaruh kesanggupan
Mencuba apa yang tak pernah terfikir
atau terjarak dari batas mampu
Tak pernah ada kata tidak baginya

Kita harus belajar menjadi berani
dan menguatkan keazaman
demikian, kesungguhan mengejar mimpi
keberanian, kesungguhan mendepani segalanya

Wampler's Ascent Trailer

Heroism takes many forms, has many faces.
Wampler's Ascent is a story of Steve Wampler's legendary climb up
the biggest rock face in the world, El Capitan in Yosemite.
This valiant effort took 20,000 pull-ups climbing
for 6 days and sleeping on the side of the mountain for 5 nights.
Wampler is a husband, father... and has a severe
form of Cerebral Palsy. In a story sure to rouse
compassion, this athlete, who has the complete use
of one limb, his right arm, and uses an electric
wheelchair to get around, overcomes panic and
terror using his steel will, guts and grit to show the
power of the human force. This is a story of
tenderness, warmth and the love of family that has
the toughest among us encouraged by the expanse
of human measure and reach. This is a feel-good
story, which elicits delight and angst, dread and strength of character.
It will leave the viewer moved, encouraged and optimistic,
energized and heartened.


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