26 Jul 2014

Dua For Gaza

Allah is sufficient for me and is the best trustee of affairs x2
O Magnificent,O Honored one x2
Rescue the Muslims in Gaza
O Allah rescue the Muslims in Gaza
O Allah be a guardian and a helper for them
O Allah Nobel the One the acquaintance
Majestic in your homage
and holy are your names
O Allah your orders are never refused
nor your soldiers ever defeated
Praise to you in gratefulness
O Allah take care of the oppressing Yahud (jews)
O Allah sender of the Holy book
Mover of the clouds,defeater of the armies
Defeat them and shake them
O Allah! show us in them the wondering of your might
Killers of Messengers and Prophets
oppressors of the arm less innocent
O Allah liberate the Muslims in Gaza
O the One of Majesty and Nobility
O Allah release them from their siege
and heal their sick and relieve their anguish, protect the unity
O Allah replace their fear with security
O the One of Majesty and Nobility
O Allah strengthen Islam and the Muslims
and disgrace shirk and the mushrikeen
and smash the enemies of this faith
and protect the unity of the Islam and unite
the Muslims..O Lord of all worlds
O Allah rescue the weak among the Muslims everywhere
O Allah ,better the conditions of the Muslims in Palestine and Iraq and everywhere
O Allah spread benevolence between their hearts
and guide them to the roads of peace
and guide them from darkness to light
O the One of Majesty Generosity and Nobility.


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